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Finding The Most Comfortable Shoes In Surrey

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Shoes may have a larger impact on your productivity than you think, especially when you’re distracted by pain and discomfort. At the same time, don’t underestimate the benefits of having the most comfortable shoes possible. When looking for comfort shoes in Surrey, look no further than Strides Pedorthics and follow these tips to help you […]

Back hurt? Feet taking a beating? It’s time for comfy orthopedic shoes!

shoes strides pedorthics south surrey

Where has summer gone? We’re fully on the doorstep of autumn, entrenched in the weekly grind: take the kids to school, sit in traffic, curse the week, and repeat. No matter how much you think the week has worn you down, your feet are going through much worse. Think about how many steps you take […]

Healthy, Happy Feet are Just Steps Away

shoes strides pedorthics south surrey

Nurses have a better understanding of the body than most, and they know first hand the importance of taking their health seriously. Which is great, because Strides Pedorthics knows feet, orthotics, and shoes better than most. And it’s a well-known fact that nurses are really busy and often pull hours of overtime, which means spending […]