End Your Discomfort Stylishly

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If you’re suffering from any foot-related problem that causes you trouble with walking, chances are you’ll need orthotics. Orthotics refers to a variety of appliances that are used in order to treat your foot related pains. These problems can range from misaligned feet to knee, hip, and back pain, to arthritis. At Stride’s Pedorthoics, we […]

Start Spring Training with Custom Orthotics

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While Vancouver just can’t seem to shake the snowy weather, Spring is fast approaching. That means it will soon be the time of year when everyone starts transitioning from indoor treadmills and floor hockey to outdoor sports like trail running and soccer. However, many people don’t realize that transitioning to outside activities can actually run […]

Custom Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis

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One of the most common foot problems that our customers struggle with is plantar fasciitis. Unlike other foot related injuries that can happen suddenly, plantar fasciitis develops gradually and can last weeks, months or even years. While there isn’t always a sure-fire way of curing this type of injury, it can be mitigated and controlled […]

Finding The Most Comfortable Shoes In Surrey

shoes strides pedorthics south surrey

Shoes may have a larger impact on your productivity than you think, especially when you’re distracted by pain and discomfort. At the same time, don’t underestimate the benefits of having the most comfortable shoes possible. When looking for comfort shoes in Surrey, look no further than Strides Pedorthics and follow these tips to help you […]