Custom Feet, Custom Shoes

Custom feet require custom footwear. When you’re suffering from foot related problems that require you to wear custom orthotics in order to treat your problem, it often can be difficult to find the appropriate footwear that not only fits your orthotics, but is also stylish. This leaves you with a hard choice: sacrifice your treatment or sacrifice your looks. Though it may seem like a small task to sacrifice your looks if your foot problems severe, it nevertheless can be a blow to your self-esteem if you are unable to properly express yourself the way you like just to treat your foot problems.

At Strides Pedorthics, we believe that treatment doesn’t have to come at the cost of looks. No matter how severe your foot condition is, we believe that you should be able to look stunning. For many shoe emporiums, it is difficult to properly balance both treatment and aesthetic, but where Strides Pedorthics succeeds is that we bring the orthotics laboratory and shoe store together in a single cohesive location. With these two elements brought together, we are able to craft shoes that fit you and your custom orthotics, without sacrificing style and comfort. Since we do craft the shoes and orthotics together, it is easy to make the necessary adjustments so that your footwear and orthotics combine together seamlessly in a single unit. From there, it’s simply comfort and style.

So for those who are suffering from foot related problems and shoe shopping woes, Strides Pedorthics delivers. Style, comfort, and treatment go hand-in-hand at our emporium. Located conveniently in South Surrey, we bring customized footwear to those in the White Rock and Greater Vancouver locations.

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