Strides Pedorthics 20th Anniversary

Strides Pedorthics Celebrates 20 Years!

This year, Strides Pedorthics celebrates its 20th anniversary! Over these years, we have had the pleasure of working with individuals in our community, all with their own unique stories, and with health care professionals who have taught us so much more about footcare than we could have ever imagined. With such rich experiences we felt it was only right to celebrate our 20th anniversary with special exclusive deals! Get the footwear and orthotics you need, more affordable than ever during this coming week, and hit summer with the look that matches exactly what you’ve aspired to look like. For your long years of support, Strides Pedorthics has managed to grow into the company that it is now, and we feel privileged to give back to the community with what we do best: custom made shoes that fit you like a second skin that are fashionable, high-quality, and built to work seamlessly with your orthotics.

A little bit about us…

Back in 1997, Strides Pedorthics was founded with one mission in mind: to supply the Lower Mainland with quality, custom made shoes that fit a person’s personal style while adhering to any requirements set by the wearer’s orthotic needs. At the time, there was no shop that made both orthotics and shoes, so those who suffered from foot problems often had to awkwardly match the shoes they purchased with their orthotics, forcing them into shoes that did not match their aesthetic style or the current trends. When we recognized the problem, we decided to create a store that answered it, bringing the worlds of orthotics and footwear together into one convenient location. This store was Strides Pedorthics.

Our first problem to tackle was the issue of fashion for those suffering from foot related problems. It is our firm belief that those suffering from foot problems shouldn’t also have to suffer from the inability to express themselves the way they want to. By bringing together orthotics and footwear in the same location, we discovered a newfound freedom in custom making shoes. With our on-site orthotic and orthopedic laboratory, we are able to cater the creation of one with the other, allowing orthotics and shoes to come together into one seamless solution. Now, in our store, we can serve those who are suffering with the footwear of their choice without sacrificing their treatment plan. With so many people now allowed the freedom of choice with footwear, we believe that our mission was successful, and we hope to continue being successful in bringing you the fashionable, comfortable, and orthotic-friendly footwear in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Our 20th anniversary deals are just around the corner! For one week, we will be giving out discounts to our products of up to 70%! Fashionable, high quality footwear has never been more affordable. Whether you’re new to our boutique or a returning customer, there’s something here for everybody.


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