Custom Shoes, Great Look

When you’re dealing with foot problems, it can be difficult to find the appropriate footwear that not only is fashionable but adheres to your foot orthoses. You may have resigned yourself to wearing shoes that either don’t properly fit you or are out of fashion, which can be discouraging. You may even be at risk of low self-esteem due to an inability to express yourself the way you like due to your foot orthoses. The choices left to you seem like you either have to forgo your orthotics or accept that your shoes may not be part of the latest fashion.

So what should you do?

Luckily for you, there is a solution. At Strides Pedorthics, we specialize in offering both custom orthotics and fitted shoes so that you can find shoes that not only match your fashion taste, but are specially fitted to your orthotics. Our wide selection of brands allows us to have a choice for everyone and, since our facilities contains our laboratory, we can make custom modifications on-site so that you can be sure that everything fits properly and works the way you need it to.

Walking is a task that all of us need to do on a consistent basis, so it’s important to have shoes that allow us to walk well. When you suffer from foot-related problems, the support, cushioning, and friction reduction of orthotics can be a godsend to ending your discomfort. But with us, you can do so while looking your best, supported by your orthotics.

Strides Pedorthics is located in Surrey and serves in White Rock and across the Greater Vancouver area.

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